Chapter 6: The Search

Detective Peter Pux couldn't believe it. After days of tireless investigation, he had finally solved the case. He had confronted Alex with the new information he had received from one of Jessica's friends, and after a long and tense interrogation, Alex had finally cracked and confessed to killing Jessica in a fit of jealousy.

Now, with Alex's confession in hand, Peter was ready to lead a search team to the location where Alex said he had disposed of Jessica's body. It was a long shot, but Peter was determined to find Jessica and bring her home to her family.

He gathered a team of officers and headed to the woods where Alex had said he had buried Jessica's body. They searched for hours, sifting through the underbrush and following every lead they could find.

It was a grueling and exhausting search, but Peter refused to give up. He was determined to find Jessica and bring her home to her loved ones.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they found her. She was buried in a shallow grave, her body badly decomposed from being left out in the elements for so long.

Peter felt a wave of sadness wash over him as he stood over Jessica's remains. He had solved the case, but at what cost? Jessica was gone, and her family and friends were left to deal with the aftermath of her tragic death.

But at least now, Peter knew that he had brought those responsible to justice. And that was all that mattered.

He gathered Jessica's remains and headed back to the station, determined to do whatever it took to bring her killer to justice.