Chapter 7: The Arrest

Detective Peter Pux couldn't believe it. After days of tireless investigation, he had finally solved the case. He had confronted Alex with the new information he had received from one of Jessica's friends, and after a long and tense interrogation, Alex had finally cracked and confessed to killing Jessica in a fit of jealousy.

Now, with Alex's confession in hand and Jessica's remains recovered, Peter was ready to make the arrest. He gathered a team of officers and headed to Alex's house, determined to bring him to justice.

As they approached the house, they could see that Alex was waiting for them on the porch. He looked resigned, as if he knew that his time was up.

Peter stepped forward and read Alex his rights, his voice cold and steady. He couldn't believe that he was arresting a man for the murder of Jessica, a young woman who had been full of life and promise.

As he led Alex away in handcuffs, Peter couldn't shake the feeling of sadness and disgust that washed over him. He had solved the case, but at what cost? Jessica was gone, and her family and friends were left to deal with the aftermath of her tragic death.

But at least now, Peter knew that he had brought those responsible to justice. And that was all that mattered.

As he headed back to the station, Peter couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. He had done his job, and he had brought Jessica's killer to justice. It wasn't going to bring her back, but at least her family could find some closure and move on from this tragedy.

And for Peter, that was all that mattered.