Chapter 06: Creative Movement

Here are some ways to inject creative movement into your meetings:

Change of Perspectives If you want to promote the creative flow of ideas in the team, look for the positive aspects of other people's ideas. Take an idea and change the perspective. If you look at an idea from a new perspective, you might get a surprisingly different idea for your act. A change of perspective will open doors to creativity for you and your team.

Humor Developing a sense of humor is another healthy way of creating distance between oneself and a problem. Don't make jokes at other people's expense but be on the lookout for a really funny comment about yourself.

Spoofs and Parodies If you look at today's world, there are many TV shows, movies, and politicians that would be interesting for a spoof or parody. Find something that might last a while. For example, if you pick a movie, you should think of picking a classic that almost everybody has heard about.

Exaggeration Think about props that are bigger, longer, heavier, or thicker than in reality. Can you imagine a comedy magician that uses giant ropes that are so big that they are impossible to cut? Cutting them alone could be magic. What about making things smaller, shorter, or flatter? Can you imagine a magician going through a door that is only 20 inches high?

Opposites What if you would turn something familiar into its opposite? Can you switch cause and effect around? What about turning reality upside down? Can the rabbit perform a magician out of a hat?

Provocation Can you use props that no one else associates with magic? Can you break a taboo to draw attention? What things are taboo in your life?

Alternate Forms Can you imagine altering your props or characters to be truly different? If you alter the way they look, move, sound, or smell, you might create a new and unique effect. Changing the typical use or location of a prop can add to the appeal of your act. If you use an old car instead of a puppet for your ventriloquism act, you might already be unique.

Double Meanings Find props that have a double meaning and allow for wordplay.

Wishes and Dreams Active wishing may start with an unusual wish that is worth exploring to uncover its deeper rooted message. When you're dreaming, you believe that the world you're dreaming is real. Use your dreams to create illusions. A notebook alongside your bed is essential to record your dreams.

Focus Groups Invite a group of people that are in your target group and ask them what they would love to see from a magician. What is it that would drive them to see a performer? Is it a rope trick, or something else?