Chapter 3: The Suspects

As Detective Pux continued his investigation, he focused on three main suspects: the victim's financial advisor, her former business partner, and her caregiver. Each one had a motive for wanting the victim dead, and Pux was determined to find out which one was guilty.

He began by questioning the financial advisor, a smooth-talking man in his fifties named Charles Thompson. Thompson denied any involvement in the murder, but Pux wasn't convinced. He had uncovered evidence that Thompson had been embezzling money from the victim's accounts, and he was convinced that the financial advisor had a strong motive to want the victim dead.

Next, Pux turned his attention to the victim's former business partner, a bitter and vindictive woman named Mary Jones. Jones was locked in a legal dispute with the victim over a shared business venture, and Pux suspected that she might have had a hand in the murder. But when he questioned her, she insisted that she was innocent and had an alibi for the night of the murder.

Finally, Pux turned his attention to the victim's caregiver, a young woman named Rachel Smith. Smith had been caught stealing from the victim, and Pux wondered if she might have killed the woman in a fit of rage. But when he questioned her, she broke down in tears and insisted that she was innocent.

As he weighed the evidence against each suspect, Pux found himself no closer to solving the case. He was running out of leads and time, and he knew that he had to find a way to break the case wide open.