Chapter 4: The Twist

Just when Detective Pux was starting to lose hope, he received a tip from an anonymous source that led him to a shocking discovery. It seemed that the victim's distant cousin, whom Pux had thought was completely uninvolved in the case, was actually in deep financial trouble and had been using the victim's wealth to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Pux knew that he had finally found his suspect. He put together a case against the cousin and brought him in for questioning. The man initially denied any involvement in the murder, but under intense questioning, he finally broke down and confessed. He had killed the victim in a fit of anger and greed, ransacking her bedroom to find the valuable jewels that he knew she kept hidden there.

With the killer finally behind bars, Pux breathed a sigh of relief. The case had been difficult and complex, but he had finally brought justice to the victim and her family. He knew that this case would stay with him for a long time, but he was proud of the work that he had done and the lives that he had helped to change.