What are sonic booms?

Detective Pux was always fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, and one that had always captivated his imagination was the phenomenon known as "sonic booms." These powerful sound waves are created when an object, typically an aircraft, exceeds the speed of sound. However, what truly puzzled Pux was that these booms were not always heard at the same distance from the source of the sound.

As a detective, Pux was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. He began by studying the various factors that could affect the propagation of sound waves, including the density of the atmosphere and the shape of the object creating the sound. He also looked into the history of sonic booms, studying past incidents and the conditions under which they occurred.

One theory that Pux found particularly intriguing was the idea that the shape of the object creating the sound could play a role in the propagation of the sonic boom. He learned that a sleek, aerodynamic shape was more likely to create a focused, concentrated boom, while a more irregular shape would create a dispersed boom.

To test this theory, Pux decided to conduct his own experiments. He built a small scale model of an aircraft and placed it in a wind tunnel, measuring the sound waves it generated at various speeds. He found that as the speed of the model increased, the shape of the sound waves changed, becoming more focused and intense.

Pux also discovered that the density of the atmosphere played a role in the propagation of sonic booms. In denser air, the sound waves had a harder time traveling, resulting in a weaker boom. This explained why sonic booms were sometimes heard farther away in less dense, higher altitude areas.

Despite his thorough research and experimentation, Pux still couldn't entirely solve the mystery of sonic booms. But he came to understand that there are many factors at play and that the exact conditions that create a sonic boom are hard to predict. However, his investigation gave him a deeper appreciation for the complexity of sound and the many mysteries that still remain to be uncovered.