Chapter 3: The Surveillance Footage

Pux spent hours reviewing the ship's surveillance footage, looking for any sign of the thief. He saw a man sneaking around the ship late at night, but he couldn't make out the man's face. He decided to show the footage to the ship's crew in the hope that someone would recognize the thief. One of the crew members came forward and told Pux that he recognized the man as a known smuggler, Jack Smith. Pux knew Smith from previous cases, and he knew that the man was a professional criminal with a long list of convictions.

Pux started to put the pieces together. Smith must have stolen the container, but why? What could be so valuable that he would risk stealing it from a container ship? Pux decided to track down Smith and find out. He also decided to investigate Smith's background and criminal activity. He interviewed other law enforcement officials who had dealt with Smith in the past, and found out that Smith had a history of smuggling illegal goods. Pux knew that Smith was a master of disguise and had many aliases which made it difficult to track him down.

Pux also went to the port where the container was loaded and talked to the dock workers who had loaded the container on the ship. He showed them the footage of the masked men loading the container and asked if they recognized anyone. However, none of the workers recognized the men in the footage. Pux knew that he was dealing with a professional criminal who had covered his tracks well.

Pux decided to keep a close watch on Smith's known associates and haunts in the hope that he would turn up. He also put a tail on Smith's known associates and acquaintances, hoping that one of them would lead him to Smith. Pux knew that he had to catch Smith quickly before he had a chance to sell or dispose of the stolen goods.

Pux also decided to keep a close watch on the ship's surveillance footage in case Smith returned to the ship. He knew that Smith was a master of disguise and that he could be anyone, from a dock worker to a crew member. Pux was determined to catch Smith and bring him to justice.