Chapter 6: The Aftermath

Detective Peter Pux sat at his desk, staring at the piles of paperwork that seemed to be multiplying by the minute. The case was finally closed, and Max Jones had been arrested and charged with three counts of murder.

But the aftermath of the investigation was proving to be just as challenging as the case itself. Pux was dealing with media attention, public outrage, and a department that was stretched thin.

He was just about to call it a day when his partner, Detective Jenna Lee, walked into the room. "How are you holding up?" she asked, concern etched on her face.

Pux sighed and leaned back in his chair. "It's been a rough week," he said. "But I'm glad it's over."

Lee nodded. "We did good work on this case," she said. "I'm proud of you."

Pux smiled, grateful for his partner's support. He knew he couldn't have solved the case without her.

Just then, his phone rang. It was the department's captain, asking him to come to his office. Pux's heart sank. He knew that this couldn't be good.

He gathered his things and headed to the captain's office, his mind racing with worst-case scenarios. But when he arrived, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the captain had a different kind of request.

"I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done," the captain said, shaking Pux's hand. "You've proven yourself to be a valuable asset to this department. I'm promoting you to detective first class."

Pux was speechless. He had worked hard for this promotion, but he had never expected it to come so soon. He thanked the captain and left the office, his head spinning with excitement.

As he walked down the hall, Pux couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. He had solved one of the toughest cases of his career, and now he was being recognized for it. It was a good day to be a detective.