Chapter 2: The Investigation

Detective Peter Pux sat in his office, staring at the map of the city that was pinned to the wall in front of him. It was dotted with red pins, each one marking the location of one of the murders.

Three people had been killed in the past week, all with the same MO: strangulation with a cord. And now, the killer had left a message at the latest crime scene. Pux was convinced that the message was a clue, but he couldn't figure out what it meant.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. This case was driving him crazy. He needed a break, some way to clear his head and see things from a different perspective.

Just then, his partner, Detective Jenna Lee, walked into the room. "I might have something," she said, brandishing a file. "I was going through the list of known offenders with the same MO, and I found someone who fits the profile."

Pux sat up straight, his interest piqued. "Who is it?" he asked.

"His name is Max Jones," Lee said, opening the file. "He's a convicted killer who was released from prison a few months ago. He's got a long history of strangulation offenses, and he was seen in the area around the time of the first murder."

Pux's eyes narrowed as he studied the file. Could Max Jones really be the killer they were looking for? It was certainly a possibility. "Let's bring him in for questioning," he said, standing up.

As they headed out of the office, Pux couldn't shake the feeling that they were getting closer to the truth. He just hoped they could catch the killer before anyone else died.