Chapter 10: The Celebration

Detective Peter Pux stood in front of the museum, a sense of pride and accomplishment wash over him as he gazed at the Mona Lisa, back on display where it belonged.

"We did it," Detective Sarah Smith said, standing next to him. "We solved the case of the missing Mona Lisa."

Peter nodded, a smile spreading across his face. "We make a good team," he said. "I couldn't have done it without you."

Sarah smiled back. "Same goes for you," she said. "We make a great team."

The two detectives stood there for a moment, savoring their victory. It had been a long and difficult case, but they had persevered and brought the thief to justice.

Just then, a group of children approached them, their eyes wide with admiration.

"Are you the detectives who found the Mona Lisa?" one of them asked.

Peter nodded. "That's us," he said.

The children erupted into cheers and applause, and Peter and Sarah couldn't help but laugh. It was a moment they would never forget.

"I think we have some new fans," Sarah said, grinning.

Peter chuckled. "Looks like it," he said. "But the real reward is knowing that we made a difference and brought a thief to justice."

With that, Peter and Sarah walked off into the sunset, ready to tackle their next case and make their city a safer place.