Chapter 5: The Trial

The trial of the victim's cousin was a media sensation, with reporters and cameras swarming the courthouse every day. Detective Pux was called to testify as a witness, and he spent hours on the stand, recounting the events of the investigation and the evidence that he had gathered against the defendant.

As the trial wore on, it became clear that the cousin was guilty. The prosecution presented a strong case, and the defense struggled to find holes in Pux's testimony. In the end, the jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the cousin was sentenced to life in prison.

As he left the courthouse, Pux couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. He had worked hard to solve this case, and he was glad to see the killer brought to justice. He knew that the victim's family would finally have some closure, and he was proud of the work that he had done.

As he walked to his car, Pux's thoughts turned to the next case on his desk. There was always more work to be done, and he knew that he would never stop fighting for justice. But for now, he was happy to have solved this case and put another killer behind bars.